As you will see soon, what to do with wood is not a question that causes much concern at our house.  I admit to being a master of ideas–and my husband is the master of execution.  Some might suggest that I take advantage of his willingness to create what my little heart desires, others are just plain envious.

Before we moved to  Florida, my husband and I discovered old wood, I have to think that it was even before it was trendy.  In a previous post about mirrors you can read about that endeavor.  It seemed like a possible business idea at the time that never got past “what Ann would like”.   It seems that, either we like everything that John makes so much that we can’t stand the thought of parting with any of it, or it truly boils down to “labors of love” and just plain labor doesn’t sound like as much fun.  Fun being a relative word as I have fun watching the works of wood evolve while John may enjoy seeing my delight–or his being able to eat those cookies I make due to his physical efforts.

Not all of the wood that he uses is “old”.  Our good friends at Lowes and Home Depot provide their fair share of our supply requirements.  Replaced docks and public boardwalks provide the rest.

8 years ago, when our home was built, we decided that our 40 by 11 foot back porch wasn’t big enough.  Oops, actually, we discovered that not having gutters on the edge of a covered porch during Florida summer downpours did a mighty good job of destroying the grass that bordered the porch.  Enough said.  Once you live without gutters you will know what I mean. We added gutters in the back then proceeded to design and add an 8 x 40 foot deck.  Being the proud owners of a “Florida hill”, better known as a raised septic field, we were able to frame that at the same time and add steps to the grassed over field.  


FYI other than the gated communities in the Hammock, all homes have septic systems.  This really isn’t an issue.  It provides for a sense of autonomy, lower water bills and no City of Palm Coast taxes due.

Deck finished, now what?

As most northerners will find, not having a basement in Florida, you will believe that you need a shed.  Beware of County Permitting.  If you build a house that takes the best advantage of your smaller lot, which most of us decide we want due to a desire to spend our leisure time at leisure, you may not have enough open space sanctioned to put a shed.  I must emphasize sanctioned by the county, even if you can see the perfect “out of the way” location.  Not only square footage is permitted, but the actual location most also be approved.  In our case, the location allowed was at the top of our drive, the first thing you would see when driving up to our home.  Not on.  The location we wanted, tucked in the back corner, out of sight, was not acceptable to the powers that be.

Now we had an unused space that of course looked just the right size, if not for a shed, for a fire pit.  But a fire pit needs furniture, right?  We are all past the age of sitting cross-legged on the ground, forget about the creepy crawlies.  Behold, version one of our fire pit furniture.


This worked great for a few parties and the seats were sturdy enough for our sturdier friends and grown sons.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the popsicle stick comparison out of my mind.





After a couple of visits from our children, and the completion of the pizza oven, with leftover bricks and pavers, John turned again to a deck to complement the “pit” and reduce the need to top up mulch (let alone reduce the inherent fire hazard of mulch around a sparking fire).




With our new and improved look to show off the furniture, our oldest son and his wife decided that they would like a version for their new home that had a screened porch.  John was more than happy, not just to make what they requested, but that they actually wanted something he had made.  Of course, I had to speak up and say that they might want a more modern look than the “popsicle sticks”.   Well of course they did!

I guess I finally made the popsicle stick remark enough times that John tweaked our own chairs.

Time to celebrate the first firepit night of the year.

That’s all for today, but never fear, there are always new projects at our house in the Hammock.

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