Delizia al Limone in Verse–I is for Ischia, Italy

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Delizia al limone

Delizia d’Ischia

So much is known of Italy
What more is there to say?
A road, a scene, a place, a meal
A memory of lemon sharp
That wafts upon a breeze.

You think you know just where to start
The dawning of the day.
Rough seas await then winding roads
Past ancient spas and painted boats.

This southern isle through twisted mile
At last allows you to relax.
Volcanic baths with gushing stream
In which you float and start to dream.

Perhaps those clouds are steaming milk
Atop a morning brew
Before the strike of 10 o’clock
When gulps of only one or two
Of Naples’ finest is all they do.

But what delight is that I spy
Among a jeweled array?
This is the gem of Ischia
The treasure of the land.

Of lemon, cream, and sweetest love
Prepared for you that way.
The memory will never leave
I think I hear you say
of melting joy upon your tongue
In Ischia that day.

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Or just enjoy my video.

I really had in mind to show you the steps to make Delizia al Limone. However, only the very very interested would contemplate the multiplicity of steps and time, not to mention lemons, involved. Instead I will direct you to Sal de Riso’s video.

I would like to give you a few tips from my experience of making it:

  1. Buy or make your own lemon curd then use the amount called for.
  2. Whip the cream until very firm.
  3. Bake the sponge cakes last, don’t freeze them ahead of time.
  4. Fill the cakes with a Bismarck piping nozzle–you really need its added length to push enough filling into the cakes.
  5. Don’t allow the cakes to sit in the amount of limoncello glaze the recipe makes. Just lightly brush the outside of each cake.
  6. Only add enough milk to allow the remaining filling to be dippable to coat the exterior of the cakes. You may want to add a drop of yellow food coloring to the final coating before dipping.

Last, but not least. Use your leftover lemon curd to fill dark chocolate truffles!

Dark Chocolate Lemon Curd Truffles

Delizia al Limone in Verse–I is for Ischia, Italy

Difficulty: Advanced Prep Time 24 hour Cook Time 3 hour Rest Time 21 hour Total Time 48 hrs


This is a many-step recipe.  I have tried to reduce some of the steps by using your own homemade or purchased lemon curd and limoncello.  Allow about 3 days to not overwhelm yourself.  I made the lemon curd first, a couple of days later I made the cakes and froze them.  I don't recommend that order.  Bake the cakes right before you are ready to fill them. I prepared the heavy cream and lemon peel to marinate overnight. The following day I made the patisserie cream and limoncello glaze.  That day, I assembled and put them in the refrigerator overnight.  On the day of serving, I decorated with the reserved whipped cream.

Or you could take a trip to Ischia and the Amalfi Coast!

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