Now here are some ideas for presents for those on your gift list that fall into the “probably already have everything” category.

It all started with a present of two packets of “farm raised” ground beef from our backdoor neighbor.  They were quite the best hamburgers we had ever managed to make at home.  The beef, we were told, came from half of a steer that he and a friend had split–not literally–the butcher did that. They shared the final product they had purchased, vacuum packed according to their specifications:  steaks, roasts, hamburger, oxtail, soup bones and more.

A few weeks later came the idea that this would make an amazing present for those “you know whos”.  We could have done it the easy way and had our neighbor pick up the order for us, but as fate would have it, the timing called for our own travel to the home of “Farm Raised Beef” better know as Promised Land Ranch.  

Highway 40 out of Ormond Beach set us on our way.  About 16 miles out of Ormond we arrived at Barberville.  This place is worth a visit even if you can’t make it all the way to Promised Land Ranch.  It’s another one of those “fixes” I go for when it has been too long since my last vacation in Mexico.  That’s right, it’s like stepping into a Mexican market, minus the meat stalls (just remember, you are getting the meat at Promised Land Ranch).  I must add that they have some other unusual and interesting offerings.  Here are a few.

Barberville Roadside

I am sure you will find a gift or two or maybe something for you?

Time to get back on the road.  It isn’t a short trip but it is a pretty one.  We arrived at Promised Land Ranch— an appropriate name, don’t you think, considering the season and the journey.  Total drive time is about 2 1/2 hours from Palm Coast.

We placed our pre-ordered meat presents into coolers in the car and managed to squeeze in a few extra packets for our own use.  Before heading home we took a look around.  The saddles were all prizes for their son’s first place bull riding.

These beauties were sired by their Brahma bull.  Brahma’s thrive in Florida partly because their larger ears help to keep them cool.

Brahma Bulls

I forgot to mention that they also have fresh brown eggs.  Only the roosters go in the pot.

Since Promised Land Ranch doesn’t have a website, I am including information on their flyer.  It also explains the difference between “farm raised” and store-bought beef in addition to their pricing.  We picked up our presents, there is still time if you need to pick up your own.

Promised Land Ranch  “Farm Raised Beef”

From Our Pastures To Your Freezer

“Which method of raising beef is more natural and humane for the animals?”

“Which method produces calm, quiet, stress-free steers that will taste great?”

“Which beef will be better for you and taste like beef should taste?”

“Which one would you want to eat or feed your family?”

“Our Farm Raised Beef is the answer to these questions!

Our Farm Raised Beef: Born and raised on the Promised Land Ranch pastures. Our steers are weaned between 6 to 8 months old. They are moved to our home where they will live a quiet, peaceful, stress-free life feeding on pasture, high-quality hay, and natural grain (no antibiotics or growth hormones), until we deliver them to our top-quality butcher for you.

Store Bought Beef: Weaned 3 to 5 months, hauled to market, sold, trucked to new owner, could be hundreds of miles away, at 8 to 10 months old trucked to feed-lots, again a long distance, to be packed in stinking muck-filled pens and fed unnatural amounts of a “special grain mix,” which includes antibiotics, growth hormones, chicken manure, and other garbage.

“These poor steers have lived a very stressful unnatural life ever since they were taken early from their mothers right up to the moment their lives end.”


We ask for a $500 down payment for a whole steer, $250 for a half. We feed and care for your steer until it is ready for slaughter. We will transport the steer to our Butcher when it is ready, usually at about 1000 lbs. or 16 months old. Your steer will be weighed after slaughter as two halves or sides of beef. This is referred to as the “hanging weight”. The hanging weight is generally 60% of the steer’s gross weight. For example a 1000 lb. steer would weigh about 600 lb. as two hanging sides of beef. The cost of our services, as well as the butcher’s, is based on the hanging weight. Our cost for a whole steer is $4.95 per lb. So, for this example For a half steer our price is $5.70 per pound.your cost for a whole steer would be: $4.95 x 600 lb. = $2970.  Half Steer: $5.70 X 300 lb. = $1710. These prices are paid to us.

You will also have the Butcher’s costs to pay. You will pay him for the slaughter of your steer and the cut and packing of your beef. After slaughter he will “hang” your beef in his cooler for 7 to 14 days for curing and flavoring before he cuts and vacuum seal packs it according to “your specifications.” Note: (for above example) you will take home roughly 55% to 65% of the hanging weight, between 375 to 400 pounds of final product, steaks, roasts and hamburger etc., depending on the cuts you order. Our Butcher will work with you to determine the cuts you will order, but most of our customers go with our standard cut & wrap. Ask us about it. Butcher cost: 65 cents x 600 lb= $390 + $45 for slaughter= $435 for the whole steer. “Total Cost” for a whole steer would be $2970+$435= $3405, a half steer would be roughly $1928. These prices are estimated on 600 lb. hanging weight.

Pick Up or Delivery options: #1 We can deliver. #2 You can pick up from our home. #3 You can pick up from the Butcher. We will talk with you about what will be best when the time comes.

 “Promised Land Ranch” Christian & Bambi Werner “Farm Raised Natural Beef & Eggs
Call or Text:  Bambi 352-303-8817 or Christian  352-603-4462
5442 W. CR 476 Bushnell, FL  33513               email:

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