Viennese Coffee Cake–A is for Austria

I have decided to take you on a brief trip down memory lane to Austria after this text exchange with my two sisters last week: N – I must admit, I really do miss not having taken a real vacation this year… Ah, well, maybe next year. L –  We keep looking at the Viking cruise […]

Mango Pineapple Hammock Island Salsa

  A few weeks ago I put this teaser photo on our Hammock Homemade Facebook Group page.  Of course, the chips were particularly intriguing for their cheerful colors.  However, it was the mango pineapple salsa that I had just created that was my inspiration. I used to whip up fresh salsas when we were in […]

No Pectin Pepper Jelly by Demand

You need pectin to set jellies and jams. It just doesn’t have to come out of a packet. During these days, we especially don’t need to be running to the supermarket for that one additional item, especially one that isn’t essential. At least it isn’t essential in packet form. Serrano peppers, apples, and citrus fruits […]

Made in the Shade–A Garden in the Hammock

Both of the last two month’s second Saturday Plant Sales at Washington Oaks Park in the Hammock of Palm Coast brought me within hearing of the following question: What plants grow in the shade? There once was a time that I also wondered the answer. Now I pipe up with my two cents worth and […]

Scottish Shortbread Better than Best

Never believe you have the best recipe. I thought my earlier blogpost recipe on lemon and rosemary shortbread was very good. It made great use of Hammock ingredients to one-up your basic butter, flour and sugar recipe for the same and it was fairly simple to prepare as well as tasty. The best? That is always a matter […]

Come Cruise with me to Greece and Italy

Every cruise has to begin somewhere. Ours departed from Civitavecchia, the port of Rome Italy. It is located appoximately 40 minutes from the Fiumicino Airport, by car. Civitavecchia I have always said to friends and relatives that there is nothing wrong with Italy. That sounds like a backhanded compliment, but you name it: coffee, ice-cream, […]

Why Ecuador?

“Why Ecuador?” That’s what everyone asks. We first visited Ecuador 6 years ago. Not that I have a bucket list, but Ecuador probably wouldn’t have been on it at that time. It’s not a country that people talk about much. Sandwiched between the pre-Colombian ruins of Peru and the newsworthy drug cartels and the long-advertised […]

Meyer Lemon Love

My love for Meyer lemons was not instantaneous. In fact, other than seeing them in Hammock yards, I wasn’t impressed. As they were so abundant, my only thought was that they must be like a weed tree since no one seemed to be picking them. Each year I would receive a small bag from a […]

Key West Krawl

It may have been Carl Hiassen, or if not then another Florida writer, who wrote something like: “People come to Florida to reinvent themselves–people from Florida go to Key West.” Key West is definitely one of our happy places. It never fails that we discover something new each time we visit. Perhaps we are not […]

Calico Scallop Cookies

If you think you have seen these before on my blog, you are right! I brightened them up with 12 drops of red food color to resemble my favorite Calico Scallop seashell. My original recipe can be found at Cookie Stamps of Approval I have loved the Calico Scallop since I found a pendant in a St Augustine […]