Here is the hammock we all know and of course loved as kids if we could find one.  This one came from Manaus, Brazil and cost about $10 some 15 to 20 years ago.  When I was last in Brazil in 2007, they cost upwards of $45.  But I digress…

It may interest you to know that there is another “hammock” and I am fortunate to live in “it”.  Oh my, and my hammock, in a hammock, is also in the Hammock!

Time to explain.  In north central Florida there are maritime forests of live oaks on elevated areas that form ecological islands called hammocks. In our case, we were pleased to find that even through two hurricanes our lot and street did not flood.  Sand roads obviously helped, but just those few feet or inches in some cases, made all the difference.  This is where I live.  In fact, this is the view out my front door to show you what a live oak hammock looks like.  We are located between the A1A Scenic Highway and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Not surprising that the native Indians also refer to a hammock as “a peaceful place” according to a sign at the River to Sea Preserve located just south of Marineland.

Now here is the amazing part:  Our barrier island is called the Hammock! It is part of unincorporated Flagler County.  We have a Palm Coast postal address but we are all proud to say we live in the Hammock.  It is a few miles of the most scenic part of Florida’s famous A1A Highway that stretches from  Marineland in the north to Painter’s Walk in the South.

The Hammock, Florida 


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