The Wine, Dine and Roadster Tour of Saint Augustine was a unique Christmas Present that we finally found the right combination of date and weather to enjoy at 11 am on a sunny Saturday in April.  We came to appreciate that letting someone else be responsible for an afternoon’s entertainment can add to an experience in unexpected ways.

Since most of you have probably heard about, read about, (We had in a great book entitled  Henry Flagler The Astonishing Life and Times of the Visionary Robber Baron Who Founded Florida by David Leon Chandler.) and visited this oldest city in America perhaps on numerous occasions, as we have, it may surprise you to hear how much we enjoyed this “let someone else make the decisions, the reservations, the driving, the parking and need I go on” three hours of entertainment with Corley.

And off we go!  After a wine tasting, that is, at the The Gifted Cork and Gourmet where we enjoyed the wines so much that we had the owner hold 6 bottles for us to collect at the end of our red roadster adventure!  It wasn’t just wining and dining.  Corley took us on our own private tour of Saint Augustine with some historical details that the book we had read hadn’t mentioned or that we had just as likely forgotten.  He also pointed out a few locations that we had missed on our own rambles.  I won’t tell you all because I would like you to experience Corley’s most enjoyable repartee.

Did you know that Flagler built a church for every denomination?  Here are a few.


This one has a cupola that is a sold piece of terracotta.







This church has never been painted.  The yellow is the original color of the clay used in the bricks.




The Memorial Presbyterian Church was dedicated to the daughter of Henry Flagler who died in child birth.  It is modeled after St Mark’s Basilica in Venice.  Henry Flagler, his daughter Jennie Louise, her infant daughter and his first wife Mary Harkness are all buried here.

Memorial Presbyterian Church

That’s it for history, folks.  Corley can fill you in on some of the current residents like this one with three of the original Terracotta Warriors in her outside garden, no less.  But that is his tale to tell.

Time to eat, and time to drink.  Just so that I do not spoil it for you, the tour goes to different venues.  You may get to some that we did, but you will likely go to others.  We started at the Old City House Inn.  It was once the stables that serviced the Flagler Hotels.  It is also a bed and breakfast.

Old City House Inn

The dish they served also came with a delicious glass of Pinot Noir.  The proceeds of the wine go toward saving the condor.  Now that is a good excuse to drink wine if ever you needed one.

Gaufre’s and Goods, Inc.

Pierogis and Waffles coming up.  Don’t let me forget Bulgarian wine.  We sat inside but as you can see, outside is an option.


Are we in Greece?  No, but we did get to shout oompa!

Our last stop before picking up our wine to take home to the Hammock.

Barley Republic Irish Public House and Restaurant

As endings are supposed to be sweet, we opted for a refreshing glass of cider instead of wine and of course we had dessert!

Deep Fried Double Oreo Cookie

It was back to the Hammock for us, across the Bridge of Lions with John behind the wheel instead of Corley.  All we could say was:  Wasn’t that fun?



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  1. Great read — I’ll have to do this next time I’m in St. Augustine… if only for the wine and designated driver 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time!!
    Christmas officially over…now on to birthday celebrations!

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