I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood this morning, both for exercise and for inspiration.  It never takes long around here, the inspiration part that is, the exercise part is variable.

There were curbside bargains or perhaps Christmas decor to choose from.


Beautiful vistas or domestic animals.


So what did I choose?  Weeds.

Now bear with me.  Florida got its name from, so some say, the Spanish adjective meaning flowery place.  Historians disagree saying Ponce de Leon named it thus because he arrived on Easter–Pascua Florida in Spanish.  Don’t we all know that Easter is in the spring and that is when the flowers start to bloom?  So no big deal.

To my way of thinking, we buy flowers and then weeds just happen to show up where we don’t want them, or maybe we do, but since we didn’t buy them we don’t give them the same value.  Sometimes we move weeds to look like we bought and planted flowers.  Sometimes nature just provides a beautiful display.  No matter,  except for the ones in my grass, I like them all.

I’m pretty sure most would call this a flower, but it was in the middle of an empty lot near my house.  It’s there today but likely will be relocated by the “weeds to flowers in my garden” people before long.


This clump of what I would call Baby’s Breath, you know, that stuff we pay for in a bouquet of flowers, has been growing around the corner for a month or more.

But for now, let’s get on with the show.  The Hammock presents:

Weeds Glorious Weeds















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