I dreamt I was a dragon in my hammock by the sea,

An Eastern not a Western one for frightening others wasn’t me.

A sign perhaps to let me know,

That future ventures were to grow.

Auspicious dreams can sometimes be,

A winding path that sets us free.

But dream I dreamt so off we go,

And gracious be there is no snow!

For dragons like a fire you know.

So search I must I can’t be slow,

Your dream won’t last foretold the crow,

Make haste to find the fire’s glow.

I’ll try I cried, it must be red,

This one?

Not this one,

nor this one, I said.

I found a fancy fire pit ,

but darn, I thought, this isn’t it.

Aha!  What’s this? My future home?

Just make it hot and I won’t roam.

I dreamt I was a dragon in my hammock by the sea.

Of fires hot and garden plot my dream is telling me,

Make bread

and scones

and flowers grow,

For Florida it has no snow.

Take inside out to bake your dough,

Whether oven hot… or not, you’ll give the world a show.

Inspiration, many times, comes from different places.  In this instance it was a plush dragon toy from IKEA that was sitting with our Christmas decorations, under the television and destined for Toys for Tots.  You know how some things just capture your heart?  Well, I couldn’t let this one go without securing it a lasting place in my memory.

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  1. Two thumbs up on this, Ann. Love your pictures used to illustrate your poem, too! Have a wonderful Christmas and think of me, for it’s off to the snow country…you know where I’ll be! 😉

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