The highway was calling to us.

I knew it was going to be a two wheel adventure kind of day when I woke up with the Lyrics to Born to Be Wild in my head.  Today was perfect weather, not too hot and nor was it windy.  The sun was shining and yes, it is fair to say, that we are fair weather riders.  Somehow heat and hurricanes blocked out the call of the open road for a couple of months.  Part of that is due to the jeans, boots, jackets and helmets that make for protective clothing–notice that I am setting an example here.  It is possible to ride with many fewer or skimpier articles of clothing, but we try to avoid being the recipients of I told you so comments.  As one of our son’s says:  Sweat dries faster than blood.

First stop, air in the tires and time to shed a layer of clothing.  Mother Nature hasn’t woken up to the fact that it’s December. (Jacket still on but long-sleeved running top gone.)

Now for the start of Ann and John’s excellent adventure.  Friends who sometimes follow our path say they have had an  “Ann and John day”  when they have taken all of our suggestions.  Our First stop: Bachman’s Antiques and Used Furniture.  If you drive past the Bunnell water tower heading west on Highway 100 out of Flagler Beach, you will have gone just a tad too far.

Bachman’s Antiques and Used Furniture




It’s a challenge to be a serious buyer when you are on a motorcycle, but in the past we have bought a lovely oak mirror and random things like a knife sharpening stone.  Their hours are a little unpredictable so you may want to call ahead.

We’re off again, vroom, vroom.  Next stop Seville and Pancho’s Grocery.  I’m a sucker for a Mexican torta (fresh sandwich made on a round roll) and I had never tried theirs.  It was also fun to speak in Spanish although they do have some English for those who don’t do the bilingual thing.  They process venison, as well, and the butcher was busy making some sausage as another man brought in more to be processed.  He said he had about 12 feet–no idea what that means.  Of course I tried to see if we could buy some, but it is not for sale–so sad.  They obliged me with a photo and shared business cards of their own and of their friend, David Samuel, a taxidermist.  We were also treated to an album of David’s work–the only animals we saw all day.

Pancho’s Grocery

We had the sandwich packed to go, loaded it into the saddlebags and headed off to Crescent City and the 3 Bananas on Crescent Lake.  It wasn’t a challenge to enjoy a draft with the torta and the view.

3 Bananas

We finished our visit to Crescent City with a pistachio ice cream cone and a mango paleta at Vicente’s Jr. Ice Cream Parlor.  $3 total.

Vicente’s Jr. Ice Cream

We love Florida’s back roads and small towns, always finding something that interests us and makes a day out an adventure.  This time, my husband informed me that although I thought we had ventured away from the Hammock for a day, one of our roads had displayed an “Orange Hammock” sign.  Go figure.

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