Porch Light Restaurant

It started with a meal at Porch Light.  Not our first time at this Latin Kitchen restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia–part of metro Atlanta.  Chef Andre Gomez made us personally welcome.  His vision is to make you feel like you are part of a large family like his growing up in Puerto Rico, “action-packed, lots going on; people talking, laughing, cooks calling out orders. ”  It is all that.

Here are some of our personal food highlights:

Whole Beer Can Chicken done on a full can of SweetWater 420

Steak served over Mofongo

Whole Fried Redfish

And the finishing touch–a complimentary birthday dessert served by the chef for our son’s father-in-law–almost too amazing to describe, but I will try.  An apple turnover with dulce de leche on one side and a tart of salted caramel covered in a chocolate ganache or mousse then topped with chocolate covered rice puffs.  It may have been his birthday, but we all enjoyed it!

Atlanta’s Farmers’ Markets

Now, I said adventures in the plural so here is number 2.  Probably our favorite thing to do in Atlanta is to visit the large farmers’ markets.  Our favorite has to be the Buford Farmers’ Market for their outstanding fruits and vegetables.  I must not forget to mention their fresh lard and Hispanic bakery.  The challenge during this short holiday visit was its location on the other side of Atlanta from our family.  The Dekalb Farmers’ Market is great for stocking up on spices, seafood and other ethnic packaged goods.  Snap.  It was also uncomfortably far from our lodgings.  Enter a new market for us, Nam Dae Mun, conveniently located on Spring  Road in the Jonquil capital of Smyrna.  During that period of time where we let our adult children clean their home for the evening’s festivities, we paid a visit.

Nam Dae Mun Market

To me, it is ironic Atlanta’s markets which on first inspection seem to be Asian or Hispanic are filled with shoppers who are anything but.  The important thing to know is that they pride well priced, incredibly fresh produce much more than the average American shopping experience.  I mean both the owners and the shoppers.  Additionally, these are the places to find those ethnic ingredients called for in your Indian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Jamaican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and I guess I have made my point, cuisines.  Since time and refrigerator space were short, we only left with satsumas to stuff in stockings and a container of super creamy tahini for our hummus recipe.


Time for son and daughter-in-law’s annual Christmas party.  What else but a whole roasted pig from Porch Light.

As far as experiences that you can personally repeat, that’s it.  I can’t pass up the opportunity to describe Christmas Eve celebrated at our other son’s in-laws whose origins are from New Mexico.  I was so busy eating that I forgot to take photos of the chile rellenos, cheese enchiladas, red chile tamales, green chile pozole, sopapillas, bizcochitos and probably other items which I cannot remember the name.  Amazing.


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