It isn’t the last day that you can go to Bing’s Landing, but we thought it might be our’s–to kayak this year, that is.  Since today was meant to reach 81 degrees, why not top up our tans just in case the temperature drops as forecast for the next many days, weeks or months?  Our distaste of cold for kayaking is that walking in cold water is not magical and wearing long pants to kayak is not our style.

Bing’s is an 8 acre park located on the A1A, in the Hammock of course!  It is at the end of Malacompra Road–the same road that has the beach at the other end where our re-purposed wood came from in my last post.  There is plenty of space to park your boat trailer or the bed extender that we use with a hitch to transport our kayaks in our SUV.  This county park has something for everyone, no matter your age or fitness, and most don’t cost a penny!  It contains an archeological dig of the Mala Compra Plantation that was destroyed during the 2nd Seminole War.  There is handicap access to the dig, and it is free.  Check out the the activities on the link above to see the ones that I don’t mention.

Kayaks at the ready!  Let’s see what we can see, catch some fish, read a book, take some photos, off we go!

Our destination is the other side of the Intracoastal to the marshes that are rich in mangroves, grasses, oysters, birds, and if we are very lucky, a fish or two for dinner.  That is, if John is lucky.  For me, after admiring the scenery, I usually find a nice bit of grass to park in and take out my Kindle.

Not only can you launch your boat for free at Bing’s but it is also a great place to bring a picnic and watch some big boats go by.

Bird watching is phenomenal.  Here are a couple that we saw today.  Osprey on the left.  Heron on the right.

John told me that he saw a  Marsh Harrier.  Unfortunately, my head was probably in my Kindle after finding my parking place, and I missed it!

We had taken a picnic, but for those who prefer your breakfast, lunch or dinner bug free, why don’t you try Captain’s BBQ and still enjoy the watery view.

Last to be mentioned, but possibly first on my list of  favorite things to do at Bing’s Landing, is to find my favorite bench, and I promise you that if you wait long enough you will see a manatee.



If you don’t believe me, just read the sign:


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