Do you recognize these settings from Mercy Street, Turn and Lincoln, ?  They are located in Petersburg, Virginia where we were treated to a private tour by our friends Bruce and Laurie.



We had dinner at the Brickhouse Run Pub used in Lincoln for its authenticity.



I’m sure we saw this used in an episode of Turn we saw on Netflix.





We were told this was the front of the Hospital in Mercy Street but it was built out for the series.



We don’t usually leave the Hammock for as long as 2 weeks, but we had an agenda this year.  First on our list was a chance to catch up with friends who had moved from Florida to Petersburg, Virginia and to admire all of their personal restoration efforts in this historic city.  In addition, we enjoyed an insiders’ 7 hour walking tour of Petersburg.  Don’t panic at the length of the tour.  It was broken up with a breakfast coffee stop, a beer break and a poke bowl lunch.

Dave McCormack

So let’s start with that coffee.  Or rather, the man that started the coffee shop.  Dave McCormack has been almost singlehandedly responsible for the economic regeneration of Petersburg.  Not only did he create this coffee mecca, named Demolition Coffee as the building was slated to be demolished,  but he has also restored or renovated the Mayton Transfer Lofts, The Trapezium Brewing Company, The Buttermilk Bake Shop,, Saucy’s Barbecue, and the Bosco Apartments.


The Bosco Apartments interior entrances.





The first two minutes of this Ted Talk introduces him and what he has done for Petersburg.

The coffee was good, the shop was charming, but I liked the tip jar best of all.  How can you be cheapskate with a label like this?

Dave McCormack is responsible for the commercial rejuvenation but our friends are doing more than their part to beautify Petersburg residences one restoration at a time.  Bruce lived in Petersburg in the 80s and restored these two lovely residences.


The first was his home and the second was a 7 bedroom home originally owned by a wealthy grocer with 6 daughters.  Later it became a funeral home and then the VFW until Bruce got it rezoned and opened the first bed and breakfast inn in Petersburg.

When they moved back to Petersburg from Florida they bought this 1845 home and had fun furnishing it with period antiques.  The home originally had 2 chimneys and an additional window in the front room, but they were taken out (literally) by a cannonball during the Civil War.

After restoring parts of the home and bringing the garden back to life they were inspired to buy 2 other homes that overlook their garden and a city park.

Both restorations are nearly complete.  We were fortunate to stay in the light green one.  Laurie paints furniture and some of her pieces were in the house.

While checking my facts I came upon this video that showcases 4 of the homes our friends have restored and more details on some of the other locations.


On with the tour

This is where Petersburg residents believe that Memorial Day was created.  The internet will provide you with several alternate choices but the story goes that this woman had a school for girls and they brought flowers to decorate the graves following the Civil War.

What does Edgar Allen Poe have to do with it?


The Hiram Haines house is no longer a coffee shop and ale house but upstairs is where Edgar Allen Poe spent his honeymoon with his 14 year old wife!

Aaron Burr Slept Here

Yes, Aaron Burr did sleep here before he shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel on July 11, 1804.  Hamilton died the next day.  Just a bit of added history for those who have seen Hamilton or plan to.

Peter Jones Trading Station

These photos are of the side.  Seen from the front, it was also a small jail that I am sure that I saw used in Turn.

Comportment for young ladies



Let me know if you would like to purchase this Revolutionary War home that was at one time a school that taught comportment to young ladies.

Ready for Renovation

Maybe you are interested in more of a fixer upper?  Bruce would love to get his hands on this one but Laurie did her best to move us along on the tour.!  Servant quarters available in the back.

Trapezium House

This home built in the 1800s doesn’t have any square corners.  Hence, the name Trapezium.  The servant of the owner was from the West Indies and she told him that evil spirits would not reside in a house without square corners.

Now at the end of our tour, it was just as well that David McCormack’s Trapezium Brewery was right across the street!

I would love to hear from you if you spot any locations from my photos or the videos during your TV or Movie viewing.



See if you can find this one.  Our friends promise it was used in at least one of the mentioned shows.






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