Chocolate Bread–K is for The Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

The Kenai, pronounced “key nigh” is on most fishermen’s bucket lists. In fact, there were nearly as many fishing poles disembarking in Anchorage as passengers. Not really, but there were a lot! We weren’t there to fish this time. This was our first vacation in a long time in what we then thought was “post-pandemic”. […]

Cherry Pie Nostalgia–J is for Jules, My Dad

Cherry Pie in July became Cherry Pie Nostalgia after a welcome vacation in Alaska took up a large part of last month. Not to worry, there are still plenty of cherries in the market.

Delizia al Limone in Verse–I is for Ischia, Italy

Delizia d’Ischia So much is known of ItalyWhat more is there to say?A road, a scene, a place, a mealA memory of lemon sharpThat wafts upon a breeze. You think you know just where to startThe dawning of the day.Rough seas await then winding roadsPast ancient spas and painted boats. This southern isle through twisted […]

Blueberry Scoop Scones–H is for Healdsburg

I know, I know. This does not look like California. It is a rainy day in the Hammock with just a little California dreaming. Memories of Healdsburg and my niece’s wedding up in the hills above Healdsburg reminded me of our L & M Motel breakfast blueberry scones. They were warm and ready every day […]

It Better Be Baklava–G is for Greece

It’s too soon for a trip to Greece, but I’m feeling optimistic while sitting on my Hammock, Florida front porch on a mild spring day, with the scent of lemon blossoms boding a good crop this year, and the end of the Pandemic a real possibility. Some of us may even visit Greece soon. Their […]