Scottish Shortbread Better than Best

Never believe you have the best recipe. I thought my earlier blogpost recipe on lemon and rosemary shortbread was very good. It made great use of Hammock ingredients to one-up your basic butter, flour and sugar recipe for the same and it was fairly simple to prepare as well as tasty. The best? That is always a matter […]

Calico Scallop Cookies

If you think you have seen these before on my blog, you are right! I brightened them up with 12 drops of red food color to resemble my favorite Calico Scallop seashell. My original recipe can be found at Cookie Stamps of Approval I have loved the Calico Scallop since I found a pendant in a St Augustine […]

Cookie Stamps of Approval

It never takes long to run out of homemade cookies.  I have to admit to a prior habit of mine–two cookies with my coffee in the morning.  Sometimes it counted as breakfast, sometimes it didn’t. Along came an extra 10 pounds–not of cookies–of me.  Honestly, I eat a pretty healthy diet, low in fat, small […]